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I am just having difficulty managing my time properly. I have a wonderful topic sketched out for Friday. Hopefully it will come out smoothly. I wrote most of it long hand as I was awake at around 3 in the morning earlier this week due to poor caffeine choices. Next week I think I’m going […]

In honor of tomorrow’s Chuck finale, I’m writing about the new geek chic trend.  I read an article I was searching for (I thought it was on slashdot, but now I can’t find it) about how geeks may now have their time in the sun but the nerd is still ever degraded.  There is also […]

Note About Self


I really don’t want this to become one of those self-glorifying blogs. I don’t want to bring myself into what I post as an individual, but only as thoughts. I’ve been trying to figure out why writing posts on specific days have been so hard. It’s not that I don’t remember – I stay up […]

I’m willing to admit I love the Harry Potter books, and will claim the first three were written with a keener eye and greater language.  From four to seven, the writing seemed to fall short of it’s magic (pun intended). It didn’t have the same edited eye that the first three had, but I still […]

Teabagging It


How did I forget to talk about The Great Tea Bag Incident of 2009? Well, there is too much crazy to completely wrap my head around. I did enjoy The Daily Show’s take on the event. Watching this transition in party power in America has been a fascinating movement of changing perception. Everything the right […]

After several days of hearing about this “Susan Boyle” I finally gave in and watch the clip last night. To be honest, I was planning on avoiding the whole thing, but then NPR talked about it, so I had to watch. (Watch here, embedding disabled.) And you know, she’s good. She has a great voice, […]

I’m a pescotarian (vegetarian that eats seafood), and finding this Time article by John Cloud entitled “Study: Is Vegetarianism a Teen Eating Disorder?” was a little bit infuriating. First, the numbers may have been statistically different for teens who haven’t tried vegetarianism and those who have to develop or have had an easting disorder, but […]