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Before the announcement of Judge Sonia Sotomayor as the nominee to be Supreme Court Justice, I was going to write about my annoyance of the overuse of the Constitution in argument.  That may come later in the upcoming weeks and months as this process continues, but first I wanted to dissect the sentence that have […]

I have about half a dozen half-written blogposts floating on my computer or in a notebook, but nothing seems to flow to an end, not that most of my posts are completely coherent.  I wonder if the microblogging phenomenon is hindering my ability for fully formed thoughts. My professors sure have had the displeasure (I’m […]

I’m growing my geek-cred this weekend after an epic viewing of Star Trek. First, I was more pumped than probably any non-Trekkie for this movie. In general, sci-fi excites me in a child-like joyful way. Second, the movie did not disappoint. Go see it if you haven’t. It’s pure awesome wrapped in pure golden entertainment. […]

The past couple weeks I’ve come to pay attention to fashion more than any other time in recent memory (of which my whole life could probably be counted). Thursday night I was busy being a student to post and Friday was spent in Seattle shopping to my heart’s content (one of the few times retail […]