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Part two of this wild ride we are calling the Iranian 2009 Election. There have been lots of opinions on the US Government’s handling of the situation (as if the United States’ government has legitimate in the region to handle it). Many on the right are complaining that President Obama isn’t doing enough to support […]

Unless you don’t have access to the internet (which seems to be the new ‘living under a rock’, although I am very aware I am one of the privileged few in the world who can say this), you have at least heard about the protests in Iran over their disputed elections on Friday. First, I […]

is really a speech to help fix Arab-US relations. Reza Aslan’s post Memo to Obama: Leave Egypt criticized his choice of Cairo as the location of a speech to Muslims because Arabs make a small fraction (10%) of Muslims, and coupled with the gross human rights violations, the president should be more apt to choose […]