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[photo credit] The people that make a difference in this world are still important. The Senator was a flawed man who made mistakes, but he has also made the world for some of the most underprivileged in America. It breaks my heart he can’t be here to help write and pass this health care reform, […]

I have a post semi about journalism that I shall write soon, but first I just need to convey my frustration with the news media (again), particularly about their coverage on the health care debates. News should inform, right now all the American public is getting is a bunch of images and sound bites of […]

Before we get into the topic of the day, I just wanted to plug a wonderful band called Hey Marseilles. They’re from Seattle and their music reminds me of what I would call French Farmer’s Market. The music ranges from fun to melancholy, embracing strings and brass in ways most rock bands don’t. Great soundtrack […]