I am just a girl who has opinions and likes to share them. I enjoy a healthy conversation and debate. My opinions are not static; they always morphing and changing and being tweaked. I spend some of my nights unable to sleep due to rapid thoughts whirling around, sometimes due to an ill-timed nap too late in the day.

I enjoy quality television, indie music, and thoughtful movies.  I also spend too much time reading the news and staying current on my political trivia.  I am usually found with a nice mug of tea, though sometimes I will be drinking coffee or chai.  I try to be environmentally conscious and will be that girl who turns off the lights when she passes an empty room.

In my spare time I like to make lists, but I always fall off my daily schedule.

I’m addicted to microblogging. (Tumblr and Twitter in particular.)

I’m pretty fond of my person, but I have my days just like everyone. I’m an existentialist and an atheist. If that’s frightening to you, please share why.  I have a strong sense of the interconnectedness within the universe without believing in a Creator.  My beliefs are almost Buddhist in nature. (Unsurprisingly I was raised by a Buddhist and an atheist, although the former does not go to temple.)

Coming from an immigrant family, I am grateful for my place in the world, no matter how small it seems.

This is just one more little space of the internet that I call mine to share and learn.


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