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Unless you don’t have access to the internet (which seems to be the new ‘living under a rock’, although I am very aware I am one of the privileged few in the world who can say this), you have at least heard about the protests in Iran over their disputed elections on Friday. First, I […]

I have about half a dozen half-written blogposts floating on my computer or in a notebook, but nothing seems to flow to an end, not that most of my posts are completely coherent.  I wonder if the microblogging phenomenon is hindering my ability for fully formed thoughts. My professors sure have had the displeasure (I’m […]

I’m willing to admit I love the Harry Potter books, and will claim the first three were written with a keener eye and greater language.  From four to seven, the writing seemed to fall short of it’s magic (pun intended). It didn’t have the same edited eye that the first three had, but I still […]

I’m a pescotarian (vegetarian that eats seafood), and finding this Time article by John Cloud entitled “Study: Is Vegetarianism a Teen Eating Disorder?” was a little bit infuriating. First, the numbers may have been statistically different for teens who haven’t tried vegetarianism and those who have to develop or have had an easting disorder, but […]

Waiting, Doing.


“Do what you love…”



One of the last discrimination that is not discussed, judgments based on accents is strong and almost second-nature to some.

Discussion on a celebration of body shapes distracts from the real issue of health.