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In order to save myself some work in thinking up topics (but if we’re being honest, that’s not my biggest problem in not posting; it’s the ‘finishing a post’ aspect that gets me), I am putting in a more specific schedule. Music/Movie Mondays Television Tuesdays Wordly Wednesdays Off Thursday Fashion Friday I might switch Tuesday […]

The past couple weeks I’ve come to pay attention to fashion more than any other time in recent memory (of which my whole life could probably be counted). Thursday night I was busy being a student to post and Friday was spent in Seattle shopping to my heart’s content (one of the few times retail […]

I am just having difficulty managing my time properly. I have a wonderful topic sketched out for Friday. Hopefully it will come out smoothly. I wrote most of it long hand as I was awake at around 3 in the morning earlier this week due to poor caffeine choices. Next week I think I’m going […]

Note About Self


I really don’t want this to become one of those self-glorifying blogs. I don’t want to bring myself into what I post as an individual, but only as thoughts. I’ve been trying to figure out why writing posts on specific days have been so hard. It’s not that I don’t remember – I stay up […]

After several days of hearing about this “Susan Boyle” I finally gave in and watch the clip last night. To be honest, I was planning on avoiding the whole thing, but then NPR talked about it, so I had to watch. (Watch here, embedding disabled.) And you know, she’s good. She has a great voice, […]

The more free time I have, the less I get accomplished. This horrible paradox isne reason I have neglected posting over this weekend.  I’ve been spending more time away from my various websites and applications this past week; Twitter, checking my blogs, email.  My mile long to do list is still the same, but the […]



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